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 L.A TEMPTATION (2012) Released by Aor Heaven


1. No Margin For Error  2. Above Suspicion  3. From L.A. To Paris  4. A Heartbeat Away (solo by David Mark Pearce) 5. Silent Victory  6. No Ones’ Gonna Hurt Me Anymore  7. Second Chance At Love  8. Out On The Streets  9. Hold Back The Dawn  10. The Price To Pay  11.Outside Heaven 12. When The Darkness Falls


Written & Produced by: Frédéric SLAMA


Lead & Backing Vocals: Paul SABU, Göran EDMAN, Jerry HLUDZIK, James CHRISTIAN, Chris OUSEY, Philip BARDOWELL, Paul SHORTINO, Rick RISO, Hank ERIX, Joey SUMMER  // Guitars : Frédéric SLAMA, Tommy DENANDER, Michael LANDAU, Bruce GAITSCH, Christian TOLLE, Paul SABU, David Mark PEARCE, Stefano LIONETTI, Mario PERCUDANI, Linkan ANDERSSON // Keyboards: Tommy DENANDER, David DIGGS, Alessandro Del VECCHIO, Frédéric SLAMA, Morris ADRIAENS // Drums: Mike BAIRD, Pierpaolo MONTI // Bass: Anna PORTALUPI, Urban DANIELSSON, Martin KARLSSON // Background vocals: John BARBOUR, Alessandro Del VECCHIO


 CHASING VIOLETS : OUTSIDE HEAVEN (2012) Released by Perris Records

 1.I Can't Love No More  2.No Margin For Error 3.The Price To Pay  4.When The Darkness Falls  5.Voices In The Wind  6.Above Suspicion  7.Outside Heaven  8. Hold Back The Dawn  9.No One's Gonna Hurt Me Anymore  10.A Hole In Paradise  11.You're My Obsession  12.Cease Fire (solo by David Mark Pearce) 13.Just Wanna Be Your Heroin

Chasing Violets 'Debut Album' Released July 24th on Perris Records, David performs on the song 'Cease Fire'
This album also features the immense talents of fellow 'Strange Ang3l' - Goran Edman, and other giants from the AOR scene. Check out one of the best female Aor bands now ! The album is produced by Frédéric Slama from AOR & co-arranged by the legendary Tommy Denander and also features guest appearances from Paul Sabu, Michael Landau, Bruce Gaitsch, Mike Baird, Jerry Hludzik (Dakota), Philip Bardowell, Lionville, Christian Tolle & many more…


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  Oliver Wakeman Band, Coming to Town - Live in Katowice - Live CD
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  Oliver Wakeman Band, Coming to Town - Live in Katowice - Live DVD
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  Oliver Wakeman, Mother's Ruin
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Oliver Wakeman and Rachel, The View From Here - EP

Oliver Wakeman, Enlightenment and Inspiration - mixed by David Mark Pearce

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